World needs to know the truth about the history of WWII, Putin emphasizes – TASS

MOSCOW, June 19. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has no intention to become an arbiter on the history of the World War II, but he believes that the truth about the war is needed to everyone. Putin said so in his article on the history of the War, published in The National Interest journal.

“I by no means intend to take on the role of a judge, to accuse or acquit anyone, let alone initiate a new round of international information confrontation in the historical field that could set countries and peoples at loggerheads. I believe that it is academics with a wide representation of respected scientists from different countries of the world who should search for a balanced assessment of what happened. We all need the truth and objectivity,” Putin wrote. “On my part, I have always encouraged my colleagues to build a calm, open and trust-based dialogue, to look at the common past in a self-critical and unbiased manner.”

Crimes of Nazi collaborators cannot be justified, and there is no statute of limitations for them, Putin said.

“Today as well, our position remains unchanged. There can be no excuse for the criminal acts of Nazi collaborators, and there is no statute of limitations for them. It is therefore bewildering that in certain countries those who are disgraced by collaborating with the Nazis are suddenly equated with World War II veterans. I believe that it is unacceptable to equate liberators with occupying invaders,” Putin wrote.