Greek Philosophers Saw Politicians Crises | greece , politics – The National Herald

Philosophers in Ancient Greece saw themselves aligned, in a way, with political leaders during crises that ranged from wars to the plague, at odds with a world in chaos today over the COVID-19 pandemic that sees authoritarianism rising.

From U.S. President Donald Trump wondering out loud whether drinking bleach or injecting light into the body was a cure, to China covering up the virus’ origins and political leaders around the world using it to consolidate power, the philosophy of rulers is far removed from Plato advising sophrosyne, moderation, in an ideal state.

On the site The Conversation, a place where academics and researchers write about the state of the world, Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides, Associate Professor in Ancient History as Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, wrote about the dichotomy.

She noted that in the COVID-19 crisis, what needs to be asked is what needs to be cured more urgently: the virus itself or people’s poor sense of moderation.

“We have seen shocking footage of panicked citizens fighting over the last pack of toilet tissue, our politicians’ exasperation at selfish stockpiling, and blasé disinterest from those who don’t think social isolation rules apply to them,” she said.

Plato argued that philosopher kings should be the rulers, as all philosophers aim to discover the ideal polis. The ‘kallipolis’, or the beautiful city, is a just city where political rule depends on knowledge,