Greece is open! And here are 2 incredible races to get you motivated. – Global Swim Series

So come and check out a couple of the first races in the post-Covid era!  They will be amazing!

As of July 1, 2020, Greece is opening up again.  And there will be a GSS favorite and a new classic… that was 2,500 years in the making!

The Santorini Experience is back for another year, on Oct 2-4, 2020, on this Greek island, famous for its beauty and tourism.

Following several highly successful years, Greece’s biggest tourist sporting event is opening its gates to professional and amateur athletes, challenging them to try out their running and/or swimming skills.

The open water swim is a 1.5 mile (2.4km) race, with a separate wetsuit division. Swimmers will have the opportunity to test their abilities swimming from the volcano to the old port of Fira.  An incredibly spectacular and beautiful swim.

The swim route was designed by the Federal Technical Swimming Coach of Olympic & World
Champion medalists, Nikos Gemelos. Silver Olympic medalist and World Champion, Spiros
Gianniotis, British twice silver Olympic medalist at the Rio Olympics in 2016, Jazz Carlin,
Japanese Olympic Champion at Rio, Yasunari Hirai, Hungarian recognized swimmer and
member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF), Attila Manyoki
and great names