American Heritage Museum is offering WWII tank driving experience through October – MassLive.com

The American Heritage Museum at the Collings Foundation is offering people a chance to participate in their “Tank Driving Experience,” which puts participants in an authentic M4A3 Sherman or M24 Chaffee tank, which were both used in WWII.

“Imagine yourself receiving one on one driving instruction in either the world’s only full dual control M4A3 Sherman tank or dual control M24 Chaffee tank,” said president and CEO of the American Heritage Museum, Rob Collings. “The legendary Sherman tanks were in every major battle in WWII. The Chaffee light tanks were revered by its crew for being quick, maneuverable and effective. The Tank Driving Experience is unforgettable. We hope participants will take away a personal piece of this history and passion to learn more during this milestone anniversary year.”

The Hudson, Massachusetts based museum says the tank experience program was developed by veterans and museum docents who were tank instructors in the Army and Marine Corps.

Participants will wear tanker overalls, complete a training course and be briefed on tactical objectives required of tank crews from WWII, a press release stated.

Hunter Chaney, who serves as the museum’s education services coordinator, stated, “An immersive experience in WWII history is an effective way to engage younger generations and provide better understanding of the great dangers our soldiers endured during the war. The American Heritage Museum has developed a special one-of-a-kind Tank Driving Experience program that puts you in the