1946 Jawa Perak: First-gen Perak built during WWII & a Czech superhero’s contribution to its name – The Financial Express

Jawa Perak has come a long way since its inception during a time when the Jawa production facility was forced to manufacture armaments under the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia during World War II.

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Jawa Perak – one of the three motorcycles that marked the Czech motorcycle manufacturer Jawa’s return to the India market after a hiatus that stretched for decades. While we are familiar with the name and a lot of us have had or still have a classic Jawa in the family, Jawa was once caught in a war and lived through to tell the tale. Jawa Perak is not a new moniker for the manufacturer. It was first used back in 1946. The Perak was the result of Jawa Motorcycles founder František Janeček’s perseverance to keep working on a new Jawa in a country affected by war.

‘Ja’ of Janeček and ‘Wa’ of Wanderer Werke AG created the brand as we know it today – Jawa – in 1929 with the